Let's peel back these layers!

juliannlaw Here is a closeup of the endpapers in my debut picture book, THE WORKD’S LONGEST SOCK. I work digitally in Adobe Photoshop but the program doesn’t do it all for me! I knit all the pixels by hand! Haha! I do have things I do to help me work quickly and efficiently, though, like using layers. Here you get to see me take off those layers one by one till we are back at nothing but a background. The World's Longest Sock is now available on  Amazon ,  Barnes and Noble ,  Target , or wherever you  buy books !

one for baby lyla

This one is for little baby Lyla. . . a lot of fun to make. Final quilt size is about 36x42". Again, Egyption cotton on the front and a fun whole-cloth print on the back. I cut a lot of strips at random widths (1 to 3"), sewed them together and then cut strips the other direction at 1.5". I pinned them to the white cotton in sort of wavy stripes, sewed it down and then snipped the edges for a raw edge look.

It's machine-quilted in freestyle, unplanned waves.

Oh, and add this project to my list of fun projects I want to do but will probably never get to. . . I did buy elastic thread the other day, though!


Kristine said…
Wow! Love that! What a darling quilt.
Jenni said…
wow--that is GORGEOUS!!!!! I just pulled out all our baby blankets the other day and I loved seeing both blankets you made for my boys...made me think of you!
You are amazing!! Let's meet at the park one of these afternoons.
Kate said…
juliann i LOVE that! you are awesome
Mary said…
I LOVE this quilt! Too cute!
I love seeing all of your quilts, they are such beautiful artwork, you are SO creative. Plus I love check your blog, your little Lucy is so adorable:)
Amy Lynn said…
It is so beautiful! When I grow up, I want to be smart and creative just like you!
That quilt is so beautiful. I love the colors and pattern and material. So cute! I need my crafty friend to live closer to come share her amazing skills at our enrichments sometime!

BTW, I love your pics of Japan and Mexico. I did a photography week the other day with my kids while they're home for the summer, and we looked a your blog pic's, at some photography books, and then took our cameras and went crazy. Nothing like your photos, but fun still the same. :)
Is it hard creating masterpieces, only to give them away? If the house were to burn down, and I could only grab 3 things, I'd grab Lyla, Huck, and this blanket. I can't say thank you enough or truly express how much I love it. Thankyou!!!
Bonni and Pete said…
why have I not taken lessons from you? seriously. one day I will corner you and try to hone some of your creative powers until then I will just marvel at your creations. that quilt is incredible!
The Kyles said…
Your quilts are so beautiful!!

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