Let's peel back these layers!

juliannlaw Here is a closeup of the endpapers in my debut picture book, THE WORKD’S LONGEST SOCK. I work digitally in Adobe Photoshop but the program doesn’t do it all for me! I knit all the pixels by hand! Haha! I do have things I do to help me work quickly and efficiently, though, like using layers. Here you get to see me take off those layers one by one till we are back at nothing but a background. The World's Longest Sock is now available on  Amazon ,  Barnes and Noble ,  Target , or wherever you  buy books !

Our One Line Movie Review: August Rush

"Like Mr. Holland's Frumpus, but lamer." - Hubby

"August Rush: bringing false hope to orphaned children everywhere. Ridiculous." - Me


Okay, hilarious! I just had a conversation with my mom and sis about how they LOVED the movie. I have aways stuck to my gut about how dumb it looked and will continue to refuse to watch it. Thank you for reinforcing my opinion, but sorry that you wasted money on it. I hope only $1 from red box?
Audrey said…
oh bummer and i wanted to see that one!
Jayci said…
I'm a friend of Nicole Cahoon's (peterson) and was JUST about to rent this off of itunes. How sad!! lol. What a coincidence though.
Amanda said…
Just rented that one 2 weeks ago with hubby and felt the SAME way. They had the same scene with all 3 of them playing music like 4 times in the movie. Oh dear. Almost not even worth the $1 redbox.
Amanda said…
And didn't you think it was weird how much Robin Williams character looked like Bono?


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