Friday, October 07, 2011

pumpkin mustaches

I like to have pumpkins on the porch throughout October. This year, I've pinned on some mustaches until carving time. . . gives them some personality. Now every time I go by them, I want to curtsy.
If you'd like some mustaches for your pumpkins, you can download a printable template here. . .
Cut them out of black craft foam or felt. Embellish with marker, glitter, puffy paint or whatever you have along the interior lines for a little bit of texture and interest.

Tape or pin them on your pumpkins. And then curtsy or tip your hat.


katherine said...

love this jul. i might not want to even carve them, just leave those babies on!! thanks for the great ideas and printable! i think i'll have to pin it?!!

Katie Tungate said...

These are awesome!a great idea to decorate my pie pumpkins for Halloween!