Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friendship Quilt for Alice

I wanted to thank you all for contributing to the Friendship Quilt we put together for Alice Edvalson. She was so thrilled to be presented with it at the Christmas party and really was touched. And I want you to know, that it has been complete and delivered to Alice where she had a quilt stand ready to display it on! It turned out beautiful and was a fun project. Thanks again for taking the time to let Alice know how grateful we are to her for her years of service as our Sugar House Ward Relief Society President and how much we love her.

The friendship quilt is a wonderful tradition that is hundreds of years old. Quilts were often made by church congregations to give to their departing pastors and their families as they were moving on to another town or parish. Luckily, Alice isn't going anywhere, but we can still thank her for a job well done.

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April said...

k, I love the look on cute Alice's face! What a beautiful gift :)