Monday, October 08, 2012

a little photoshop

I've admitted it before. I photoshop. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Here, is a cute picture of Emmie sporting her new bangs but that fly-away hair was driving me nuts. It had to go. Photoshop CS6 has a content aware fill that got me most of the way there and then a little extra finessing with a clone tool. Also, notice I brightened the colors in the foreground and softened (desaturated) the colors in the chair just so it wouldn't be so loud.
These 3 cuties are my nephews. My sister loved the photo but it didn't seem right to display with the distracting telephone wires in the background. So I took them out. And even though she didn't specifically request it, I also took the gum out of Tanner's mouth. It's like magic.

I also love this one of the whole fam but the port-o-potty and tractor in the background just wouldn't look good enlarged and hanging on the wall of the living room! I made it vanish with the clone stamp tool and then softened the focus on the horizon with some gaussian blur and even a little artistic filtering. . . paint daubs. Just a little.

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