Sunday, May 06, 2012

who will be the next fabric design star? pick me!

Ranunculus, a desktop and phone wallpaper for

Ranunculus a repeating pattern which can be printed at Spoonflower fabric.

For my birthday this year, my little ones gave me some ranunculus. They didn't last long, but I immortalized them in a drawing which I then made into downloadable desktop wallpaper for todaysmama which then got made into a repeating design for fabric which was then entered into a fabric design contest on Spoonflower and was subsequently chosen as one of 100 semifinalists from which 8 finalists will get to design a fabric line from which one lucky/talented artist will get to produce a line of fabric for Robert Kaufman fabrics!  Was that the longest, run-on sentence ever?

Let me sum up, my fabric design is in a contest and I need your vote!  See details and vote here! You can vote for as many designs as you like! There are so many beautiful choices, don't just pick mine, pick a bunch! I would love, LOVE, L-O-V-E to design fabric, it would be a dream come true! The tagline for the contest says, "Who will be the next fabric design star?" Um, pick me, pretty please!


Kate said...

i love it! good luck!

missy said...

So fun sis. I love love love your fabric. And why on earth would we vote for anyone but yours? Are you crazy? : )

Allie Rose said...

Voted! I put ranunculus as one of my favorite flowers on my info sheet for teacher appreciation week. Needless to say, I didn't get any. They are seemingly hard to come by. You're a lucky lady. :)

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