Friday, May 11, 2012

last minute mother's day prep

Well, its a flurry of Mother's Day prep and projects around our place.

Some bouquets for the Grandma's.  .  . free printable found here.

After seeing tutorials here and here for DIY tea towels this week, we had to try some. Again for the Grandma's. (Sorry for the spoilers! Act surprised, Gramma Linda and Gramma Leen!)

This one's for me. . . a mom gets to make special requests, right? It's a simple template with the head and the body and the kids add the rest. We cut out our bodies and put fabric behind. . . Free printable found here.

(By the way, see the bearded whale in the red frame? That's an original watercolor from Marc Johns which my hubby surprised me with one year for Valentine's Day! Men if you're looking for gift ideas, sneak onto your wife's computer and see if she has favorites on etsy. . . or an amazon wishlist. . . or look at her pinterest boards and find the board called "dreaming" or "one day" or something like that and see what's she's been pinning.)

And of course, if you are super last minute and need something pronto, here is a free printable Mother's Day Gift Card. Download it and customize it before printing, ie: Gift Card for a New Spring Handbag! or Gift Card for Dinner Out, Your Choice, No Kids! . . . On pinterest I saw a cute comment that someone's husband surprised her with the Valentine's versions of these cards and hid them all over the house! Awesome.

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