Sunday, April 15, 2012

is it too late to post easter pics?

Easter was only last week. . . I'm only one week behind in this post. I'm not too late, right? This one is right on the way out the door going to church.
Running around Great Grandma Gwen's courtyard right before Easter dinner. . .
A funny faces pic with all the second cousins, oh, and me because Emmie wouldn't be part of the picture without me.
 Dying Easter eggs a couple days before. . . Notice how many colors Lu gets to work with. . .
and how Emmie just gets to use one color. . . orange. Why? Take a closer look at those hands. Can you blame me? Orange fingers are much more acceptable than green and blue and purple fingers.

These last couple pics are from today. So I'm not too far behind on those, right? This is after church which is even more stressful for photo shoots because Emmie is D. O. N. E. Done. When did she get so willful?

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Lisa, Adam and Macey said...

So cute! Love your family so :)