Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thank you, pinterest!

Just so you know, I owe Pinterest a huge thank you. So, Pinterest, imagine this vase flowers is just for you.
Why do I owe this "thanks" you ask? Because my last post (another idea for valentine's day) was pinned on Pinterest. . . and then repinned. . . and repinned a gazillion times. I had over 36,800 hits in 9 days and the valentine printable was a big success on etsy. So I want to say thank you.And also a huge thank you to everyone that bought or made the fishbowl Valentine's. I figure there are a lot of people out there with left-over, round-bottomed treat bags who might like an easy, low-mess, art project to do with kids.
I think it is especially appropriate because this idea stemmed from this pin I saw not long ago. Put a couple blobs of paint inside the bag and seal the top with some packing tape (fold it over the top so it really seals). Let the kids smoosh it around until it fills the bag.

Tape or paste to paper and paint in some flowers.

So, thank you, cyberspace and blogworld. You made my Valentine's Day/Week very busy and very, very fun. I felt the love.

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Eileen said...

Very cute. Love it. Can't wait to try it.