Monday, January 16, 2012

with age comes responsibility

Hey, Lucy! I have a surprise for you! I'd like to introduce you to "chores."
Some of you out there are thinking, she doesn't make her kid do chores? And I reply, yes, of course, I do. . . just without any sort of consistency or tracking. Now it's just on paper and will hopefully be a little more rewarding to a little four year old who has a hard time keeping track of days.

This chore chart is available to everyone and downloadable for free! I designed it for the good peeps at TodaysMama and made it customizable/editable so you can add your kids' names and your own list of chores.

Also, if anyone is wondering what "Rusty & Rosy" is on the chore chart above, it is the pre-K readiness program Lucy has been doing on the computer this year also called Utah Upstart. It's fantastic and we've loved being a part of it. . . if you live in Utah, they're pre-registering kids who will enter Kindergarten in fall 2013 now. It is also FREE but has limited enrollment. . .

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