Saturday, November 05, 2011

halloween pics

Lucy took this pic of me. . . I kind of like that it's fuzzy and out of focus. It adds to my witchiness.

This is Lucy's Halloween Costume #1, a Halloween Clown. . . worn to a church party where masks are not allowed.This is Halloween Costume #2, Violet from the Incredibles, complete with action pose. She wore this one to preschool wear she couldn't wear a mask either.

Can you spot Lucy in Halloween Costume #3? Yup, the ghost. This is all she really wanted to be but we had too many parties where she couldn't wear her costume! There was no talking her into any sort of a ghost costume that didn't go over her head and have eyes cut out so she could see. When people asked what she was going to be, she'd say, "A floating ghost!"
Her buddies are Josh and Jack and she is so glad they moved back from Wisconsin just in time to go Trick-or-Treating together. This is their third year in a row! A fun tradition we hope to keep. Emmie and Layla were just as excited, but there was no way we could get them all in line for a picture. . . this is the best I could get.Emmie was a darling little Bee. Does the costume look familiar? It's one I made several years ago when Lucy was this age. I love seeing them both in it -- same age, same gym floor, two very different little girls.

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