Friday, September 30, 2011

just the two of us

Now that Lucy is back in preschool, I have more time alone with Emmie. Some days she's napping during those couple hours, but other days we get to hang out.
She's trying to say "Cheese!" here. . . it comes out "Eeeeee!!!" which is ok since it still produces the desired effect.

Look at those choppers. . .

I realized how few pictures I have of us together so I thought I'd take some in the big mirror in her room. It didn't always work.

I think I make this face all the time behind the camera when I'm trying to get the girls to smile. Now that I see it on from the other side, I know why it doesn't work. I should go back to "Say Cheese!"

Emmie, I hope one day when your bigger you'll look at this picture and know that I absolutely love every minute I get to spend with you. . . alone or otherwise.


Cheryl said...

LOVE the last picture of you two - great idea to take them in a mirror! I usually end up trying to do long arm shots and those are rarely flattering!

missy said...

Cute post. And sweet little Emmie! I love my one on one time with my boys... something special about it : )