Saturday, February 20, 2010

potty training, day 2

A weekend at Cabin's house

We spent our double holiday weekend (Valentine's Day + Presidents' Day) in Alpine Junction, Wyoming at a cabin with some good friends. Lucy calls it Cabin's house and asks to go there every day now. . .

Hey, that's me! Thanks, Janelle, for the cute photo. I usually don't exist in photos. . .
Some cute snow bunnies. . . Lottie (above) and Norah and Kate (below)

Norah looks a little trepidatious because on her first run, she and Lucy had a major crash. But we coaxed them back onto sleds and hopefully the bloody nose and bloody lips and ice rash will all be forgotten.

Unfortunately, none of us got good photos of all the boys being dragged on sleds behind the Phipps car. And even more unfortunately, all the photos I took of Mike's icy beard after the hookie-bobbin' are out of focus! But you get the idea:
Here is the whole gang. . . thanks, everyone. Good times.

Friday, February 19, 2010

potty training, day 1

1 whole row of stickers (all hot pink)

7 pairs of big girl underwear (in the wash)

___ number of accidents (decided not to count)

2 of which were IN my shoes (how could I not count that?)

P.S. Today I'm very thankful for hardwood floors.