Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cute, a chinchilla!

The other day we drove by a kid in the neighborhood sitting on on his porch step with a sign that said "Silly Bandz for Sale." Always suckers for an enterprising kid trying to earn a buck, we stopped to get a handful of the popular bracelets for Lucy. She and I were sorting through trying to find which ones we wanted to get, and I kept getting them wrong. The 8 year old actually laughed out loud at me.

Here is what I saw:

Here is what they really are:



missy said...

That's really funny!
Working at a middle school... I see these things on just about every wrist, but I've never seen a guitar player or a seahorse, that is pretty cool!

Lisa, Adam and Macey said...

Ha ha ha, that made me laugh really hard! I probably wouldn't have been even able to make a guess.