Friday, May 15, 2009

Virtual Crafting

Every once in a while, Jane and Kristine do what can only be called virtual shopping where they put outfits together online and share what the would buy if they could. . . I love it.

So here are some projects I would try or buy if I could. . . you know, if time and money were not an issue.

(found at Olivelse-shop)

(found at Pottery Barn Kids)

(found at cosas minimas)

(found at oliver + s)

I want to learn how to do these little crochet flowers and then put them all over everything Lucy owns. . .
(found at Little Birdie Secrets)

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Janelle Phipps said...

cute ideas! love it. um yes, you should definitely read My sister's keeper by the way. you'll love it. and I had no idea they were doing a movie. i bet it will be pretty good.