Let's peel back these layers!

juliannlaw Here is a closeup of the endpapers in my debut picture book, THE WORKD’S LONGEST SOCK. I work digitally in Adobe Photoshop but the program doesn’t do it all for me! I knit all the pixels by hand! Haha! I do have things I do to help me work quickly and efficiently, though, like using layers. Here you get to see me take off those layers one by one till we are back at nothing but a background. The World's Longest Sock is now available on  Amazon ,  Barnes and Noble ,  Target , or wherever you  buy books !


I picked up the new Salt Lake Magazine which features the "Best of the Beehive" this month because, well, I love lists. . . and this has a list of Utah's Best Dining. . . and, well, I love dining. Then to my surprise as I was flipping through I saw a big full-page portrait of Rebecca Vernon a friend from our Roosevelt Ward days. No, she's not a premier Sushi chef or all-star restaurateur, she was one of the highlighted people in the article titled "Meet the Yummies." What are Yummies you ask? Young Urban Mormons. The article was introducing some mormon hipsters who are changing the stereotype and the look of mormons, albeit slowly. . . Rebecca, or as we used to call her, Rock-star Rebecca, is the perfect example. She's 32, single, and has style and talent to knock your socks off. She plays drums and bass in two different bands in clubs on Saturday night (one of which just signed with a Swedish record label!) and then goes to church Sunday morning. She follows her passion and is living out her music dream AND maintains her standards.On another note, some of my favorite Yummies, the Pratts, have the funniest story I've ever read on a blog. It involves a Burger King, some toddlers, a gutsy Grampa and a fugitive Father. For a good laugh, check it out here. . .


missy said…
Meet the Yummies! I love it! And we all know that The Laws are yummies for sure... no question! You're right about your friend's story... funny! It got crazier as I kept reading.

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