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juliannlaw Here is a closeup of the endpapers in my debut picture book, THE WORKD’S LONGEST SOCK. I work digitally in Adobe Photoshop but the program doesn’t do it all for me! I knit all the pixels by hand! Haha! I do have things I do to help me work quickly and efficiently, though, like using layers. Here you get to see me take off those layers one by one till we are back at nothing but a background. The World's Longest Sock is now available on  Amazon ,  Barnes and Noble ,  Target , or wherever you  buy books !

A Weekend in Los Angeles

We spent a weekend in L.A. recently and enjoyed every minute of it. After the plane ride, Mike showed me his old neighborhood, where he lived till he was 9, in El Segundo.

We strolled through Olvera Street and stopped for some excellent Mexican food, although Lucy wasn't crazy about the lime.

Another day, we went to the Farmers' Market where Lucy was very serious about pony rides, and we sampled local Pain au Chocolat and Breakfast Quesadillas and saw some amazing fingerling potatoes (thought of you, Dad!). We then took fresh peaches and walked down to the beach and enjoyed the sun and the sand.

Oh, and we shopped and shopped and shopped. . . first in the fashion district (blocks and blocks of fabric and textile stores!) and then at H&M. We got a little somethin' for daddy, mommy, and baby.

We saw some beautiful architecture (pictured here are the Disney Concert Hall and the Union Station.)

We didn't eat a single cupcake, however, even though I know there are plenty of good ones in L.A. It was on the list of things to do until we found Diddy Riese. . . here's the math: any scoop of icecream you want + any kind of fresh cookie you want = an awesome icecream sandwich for $1.50. And that's why we ended up going 3 times in 4 days.


Kristine said…
looks like a Blast! now i want to hurry and visit SoCal again so I can try that dessert and go to the fashion district! So fun! Lucy is cute as ever.
Unknown said…
Love love love the ice cream place. Only been there oncce but it is awesome. Smart Cookie Co. is the same thing but 5x more. Lame.

Love So Cal - sounds like a fun trip.
Jayci said…
fun time! I have friends in El Segundo and loved visiting them when we were closer. Fashion District seems like a lot of fun with all the finds there. Beautiful pictures!
Audrey said…
Ok we need to start traveling with you guys! Looks like you guys really know how to do it right! I am diggen your purchases and the cookies/ice cream look DELISH!
Oh and the pictures on Lucy's birthday.... ADORABLE! Isn't it crazy how fast a year goes!! (esp. in those first few that you are trying to figure out the sleep sitch)
What a GREAT/CUTE family you guys have!
missy said…
Looks like you had fun! Lucy on that pony... funny. Why is it that little ones gets so serious when doing something you think they would get so excited about!? Okay why does Diddy Riese only have ONE location!? That looks so Yum! And no wonder you're excited about H&M... cute stuff... I'm excited for it to open in Sea Town.

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