Let's peel back these layers!

juliannlaw Here is a closeup of the endpapers in my debut picture book, THE WORKD’S LONGEST SOCK. I work digitally in Adobe Photoshop but the program doesn’t do it all for me! I knit all the pixels by hand! Haha! I do have things I do to help me work quickly and efficiently, though, like using layers. Here you get to see me take off those layers one by one till we are back at nothing but a background. The World's Longest Sock is now available on  Amazon ,  Barnes and Noble ,  Target , or wherever you  buy books !

demolition derby

So, like I said, we bought a house. A beautiful, little old bungalow with loads of charm and space and room to grow. But it also has room to improve, so we're knocking down some walls to open things up and updating kitchen and bathroom and, well, practically gutting it. Hubby's been hard at work all week doing demo. . . and being incredibly rugged and masculine. Give the man a sledge hammer and a crow bar and he can bring the house down. . . bet you never knew a guy who even irons his clothes to go camping would enjoy getting this dirty.


Anonymous said…
that looks so fun! I can't believe how much he took down... you go Mike!
Audrey said…
Holy Crap Mike... I can't wait to see it when you yell "MOVE THAT BUS!"
Hey, Juliann! I am glad Mike told me about your fun blog!! I have loved seeing all your talents and your beautiful little Lucy!
You guys are the most uppity up couple I know!
(oh and I love babylegs too! my mom sells them and i am considering getting some for my boys since i don't have any little girls, but Lane said NO WAY!)
Fun catching up on you guys! I'll be back!
Annie said…
Whoa. That is some incredible demo. Kudos to you guys! Good luck and we'll have to come help you when we return stateside. I can't say we'll be any real help in the artistic dept, since you are the most stylish and artistic couple we know, but we can provide some manual labor. . . and some serious moral support via shameless ego boosting.

We can't wait to see the progress!
April said…
oh dear! That is some serious guttin'! Look at all that glorious light coming through the windows - it's gorgeous!
Sara said…
oh gosh, I can't even imagine how AWESOME your house will look because honestly, you guys make everything awesome! We are finishing our basement right now, and I am about going crazy with the dust... but your pictures made me feel better (haha!) Can't wait to see the finished product. Where is the house?
Unknown said…
Wow! That is amazing! Can't wait to see the updates as you go along.
brooklyn said…
wow. what a big job. i can't wait to see it when it is done - keep posting pictures.
Amanda said…
Way to go! That is amazing. Where is it? In the area? Sugarhouse has such great houses...!!

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