Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funeral Arrangements

Last week, Mike's Grandpa Garr passed away. He was 93 years old and I think he was ready to go. . . for a long time, he would set little goals for himself: live to see the next Olympics, live longer than any of his brothers had, make it to his next birthday, etc. He finally ran out of things to live for. The family had a beautiful service for him at the Veteran's Memorial chapel, Mike sang "Goin' Home" and appropriate and touching song for the occassion. Two navy servicement fold the flag that draped his coffin as Taps was played. It was all very beautiful and serene.

We arranged some flowers to bring to the service. Mike has given me arrangements in these boxes from our favorite little neighborhood florist, Artichokes&Co., we followed their lead with this arrangement. I thought it turned out just right. Cheerful and nostalgic. . .

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April said...

I need to hear Mike sing one of these days! Sorry about his grandpa but it sounds like he was ready.
The flowers are so pretty - I have that same box. Back in the day when I was a workin' woman I would get those sometimes, and they were always from A&C.