Friday, March 27, 2009

My March

Things I liked about my March:
  1. Shamrock Shakes
  2. Cadbury Mini Eggs. . . and you know they'll be impossible to find in April, so you have to buy them in March. (Thank you, someone out there on photobucket for the photo).
  3. My mom coming in town. . .
  4. Lone Star Taqueria. . . we saw it one night on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives, tried it out, loved it and probably went back every weekend in March.
  5. Things starting to bloom, first of all my forsythia
  6. Somebody got a passport!
  7. Tulips for my anniversary. . . number 8 this year!
  8. Birthday gifts! Wahoo!
  9. Oh, and my favorite part of every month:
Things I didn't like about my March:
  1. My new weight, thanks to Cadbury Mini Eggs and Shamrock shakes (see photos above).
  2. Too many visits to the doctor. This is the small pharmacy the 3 of us amassed throughout the month.
  3. Snow on my blooming forsythia.
  4. My new age. . . its one of those tough ones that end in a 0 or 5.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Know any two year olds?

Before I had Lucy, I had a work baby. . . it was called Central Park. THE work project of all work projects. It wasn't just my baby, it was/is a lot of people's baby but I'm terribly proud of the work I did on it and the way it was going when I left. . . one of the hardest parts of leaving this amazing job that I'd been at for almost 10 years was not being able to finish this project.

Well, now I get to see it finished! And maybe I can actually help test it! It is an at-home educational program meant for toddlers and their parents (they call it "lapware" because the parent drives the mouse while,
in theory, the child sits on your lap and points at the screen). Waterford Institute has been creating top-rate educational curriculum for schools for years and has demonstrated how technology can boost even the toughest schools into competitive test scores and eliminate remediation.

If you have or know any two-year-olds, consider signing up for their beta testing. They would love your input and I am pretty sure you'll love their product. See more of the videos and examples here. . .

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a few baby quilts

Machine pieced and hand quilted, this one is for baby Quinn. The focal point of the quilt is the floral fabric with gorgeous corals and reds and the that amazing turquoise that's just the right shade. Sorry, everyone, I picked it up in Tokyo and didn't get enough to share!Machine pieced and hand quilted. A modern baby quilt for little Macey. The white is an Egyptian cotton which makes this blanket feel so luxurious. The fabric on back is by Joel Dewberry and of course you can see some Amy Butler in the front pieces. Finished size 36 x 36".In the close-up, you can see how the hand-quilting washes up. . . I love the way it puckers and bunches, it adds so much texture and interest to the fabric, and by the way its not nearly as tedious or time-consuming as it sounds. I can hand-quilt a baby quilt in about 3 or 4 hours, that's just a couple Law&Orders. I don't use frames, I just pin it well and then sit with it on my lap in while the hubs and I spend some quality time together in front of the TV.Little Will's quilt has pieces of fabric from some of his Dad's old shirts as well as a couple Japanese fabrics to tie it all together. The hippo fabric on back comes from Ikea.
A simple but beautiful blanket with that eye-catching print on back and a soft flannel on front. Small, raw-edged applique just for kicks. I'm a total sucker for unusual color combos like this. . .

Monday, March 02, 2009